From users to producers and broadcasters of audiovisual content, the ROSETTA project targets a wide range of stakeholders. 

Within a very broad scope, ROSETTA technologies will offer facilities in all areas requiring subtitling of audiovisual content. 

ROSETTA aims to enable and facilitate the production of captioning and multilingual subtitles on a large scale for all types of video content (television programs, online video, MOOC, YouTube, etc.) and to offer a Sign Language representation of this video content through the animation of virtual or digital signers. 

The ROSETTA product targets 3 direct types of stakeholders:

End Users

User associations and even end users: Deaf people with no access or difficult access to the sound signal, people currently learning French, or people wishing to access audiovisual content in another language.  

Producers & Broadcasters

All companies and organizations involved in digital video content production and broadcasting, particularly video content production & broadcasting companies and laboratories working on captioning, multilingual subtitles and/or translation into Sign Language. 

Services & Administrations

  • Producers of video content who wish to make their content accessible to as many people as possible such as administrations, education and training companies or e-learning organizations, media, communication services, etc.