Project modules

The ROSETTA project process and its development are based on 8 interconnected modules or sub-projects, headed by a first module dedicated to “Project Management”.

Subprojects 01 – 04

Management & Coordination

Cross-cutting involvement of partners in the development of the project.

Corpus collection

Collection and production of language resources to be used in the following modules. 


French captioning production module for various audiences. 

Multilingual Translation

Production of subtitles in several languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. 

Subprojects 05 – 08

LSF Generation

The module to create a virtual signer and cover new content in French Sign Language. 

Evaluation of Modules

Validation of multilingual subtitling and LSF modules by the concerned target(s).

Tests & Focus Groups

To become successful, the ROSETTA product, will evaluate 5 criteria: “useful, acceptable, accessible, learnable and usable”. 

Project Valorisation

Dissemination of the project through communication & cooperation with the Advisory Board.