ROSETTA is a collaborative research and innovation project co-funded by Bpifrance, that took place from June 2018 to November 2021.

To develop this public-private project, its partners, SMEs, large companies and research laboratories work mainly on developing technological solutions to: 

  1. Automate the production chain of multilingual subtitles for audiovisual content;
  2. Provide a  French Sign Language (LSF) representation of this content through virtual signing avatars;
  3. Integrate these technologies into a finalized product to be used directly by the project’s targets.


ROSETTA is part of the French Future Investment Program (PIA) and the National Fund for Digital Society (FSN), led by the French General Secretariat for Investment (SGPI). 

By implementing this program, the French State supports innovative and promising projects that boost national economic growth and increase local job potential. 

In harmony with the perspectives of the PIA (Future Investment Program) program, the ROSETTA technological solution covers the following 4 levels of complementary objectives: 

Objective I

Respond to societal challenges through access to audiovisual content for:
  • Deaf and hard of hearing people through a virtual French language signer (LSF).
  • Various populations (deaf and hard of hearing, elderly, foreigners, all users) through automatic captioning and multilingual subtitling

Objective II

Automate the production chain of the companies producing audiovisual content and captioning allowing them to:

  • increase their productivity;
  • expand their multilingual offer;
  • conquer new markets.

Objective III

Develop a practical, technical product with a high economic impact that allows us to:
  • Reduce production and processing costs for the growing amount of audiovisual content;
  • address the problem of processing large volumes of data in acceptable times (Big Data).

Objective IV

Provide a futuristic, forward-thinking and thoughtful vision. Give all stakeholders the opportunity to understand the technical and human future of the value chain involved in audiovisual production (and its translation) at international level.