Advisory board

The board represents personalities from institutional, private organizations and user representatives. The main objective of setting up the ROSETTA Advisory Board is to link the project to the entire value chain and consider the interests of end users, researchers and economic stake holders (subtitling laboratories, producers/broadcasters, French sign language professionals, etc.).

The first meeting was held on July 12th 2021 with ROSETTA consortium members and the Advisory Board representatives. The second meeting was held September 29th 2021. Finally, a last meeting took place on the 23rd of November, at the end of the project duration.

1. Advisors

With their expertise in the areas of accessibility and audiovisual know-how, the Advisory Board members represent the interests of their respective communities and support partners in different aspects of the ROSETTA project.

Through feedback and recommendations, Advisory Board members contribute to the proper development of the project and will be able to inform their communities of the project’s progress. They bring their know-how to the consortium at crucial stages: final rendering evaluation, potential deployment and exploitation. Learn more about the advisers…

2. Observers

The consortium also invites observers to participate in the activities of the Advisory Board. Observers are either individual public organizations or companies, etc., interested in the ROSETTA project and can actively contribute to its improvement and dissemination, either permanently or temporarily. Learn more about the observers…