Sub-project 08

Objective: develop the ROSETTA project, in particular by implementing a strategic dissemination plan (including communication and exploitation).

Under the responsibility of LIMSI, all partners are involved in this module, and Holken Consultants & Partners (HC) is the subcontractor in charge of setting up all the development and dissemination activities. This consulting firm has a history of managing dissemination strategies within public-private collaborative projects, particularly in the field of digital media and accessibility.

HC therefore leads the dissemination activities for all partners, along with them, during the project period. Dissemination covers external communication on the project and close cooperation with the Advisory Board.

Discover the sub-project 08 on subtitled and LSF video :

  • 00:00 > 01:08 : general introduction
  • 01:08 > 03:35 : sub-project 7
  • Starting 03:35 : sub-project 8